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We focus on investing in companies that create premium games for PCs / consoles / handhelds. In our investments we do not limit ourselves to a particular game genre - we are genre agnostic. We pay attention to the quality of production, both in terms of visuals, refined mechanics and thoughtful game play design. It is important to us that games are positively received by players, regardless of the size and budget of the production in question. We select studios that have the potential to create high-quality games that appeal to players. We take into account the potential for commercial success and profitability, analyse market trends and player preferences. Investing in companies that create high-quality games that stand out in the marketm is in our belief the key to success. We invest in companies that push the boundaries and create truly polished and exciting games for gamers.

When we invest

We focus on early stage investments. We are happy to participate in the establishment of the company by the team and us, as we can make this process simpler and less costly and time consuming. This also allows us to bring in our knowledge, experience and network to develop the project in the right direction. Often the funds from our investments are used to build prototypes and game demos. Often the funds from our investments are used to build prototypes and game demos. In our valuation and investment decision, we assess the potential of the planned production. We take care of the creation of the company funding process and plan it for the future. Our expert knowledge and reputation of people looking for quality and fairness is a guarantee for other investors in the next rounds. We mainly focus on investments from pre-seed to IPO. We can invest at later stages, but such investments will not form a significant part of our investment portfolio.

Creative freedom

We know that creative output is important in the development of premium games. It allows creation of a unique and original experiences for the players. Leaving creative freedom to the creators of a project is an approach that allows them to have autonomy and ownership over the direction and development of the project. This approach can be beneficial as it allows the creators to tap into their expertise, passion, and creativity to develop the project in a way that they believe will be most successful. It also encourages innovation and experimentation, which can lead to new and exciting opportunities. This keeps players more interested and involved in the game, resulting in greater popularity and better sales. A positive investment decision on our part is a result of the fact that we trust in the team's ability to create a high-quality product. We focus on providing business support, creating financial strategies and raising further funding. The creative aspects of the game belong to the team, this allows them to use their skills and passions to the full. We consult with the founders and listen to their perspectives, and we have the experience and contacts to help develop the project.

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